SUPPLY Chain Management

How We Do It:

You can improve what you can measure...through better management...

  • Using Lean Thinking methodology
  • Eliminating waste, non-value add activities
  • Streamlining operations to increase effectiveness of transactions
  • More Value add activities driving Customer Relations Management
  • Improve Inventory Management reducing costs maintaining high service levels


Supply Chain Vision

To work as a team with our clients to optimise their supply chain, help to deliver improved and sustainable service levels to their customers competitively.

Supply Chain Mission

To provide necessary expertise, knowledge and support required to create, validate and implement a supply chain solution without compromise

Supplier Management

  • Understand Supplier's operations in details and develop operational synergies
  • Work with Suppliers to fine tune delivery schedules
  • Ordering optimum quantities of Inventories at right frequency
  • Work with forwarders, transporters & Couriers to minimise transit times


Warehouse & Distribution Management

  • Minimise On-Dock times in Receiving & Put Away.
  • Warehouse layouts re-engineering to optimise space utilization.
  • Improve picking efficiencies by deploying suitable Picking Strategies.
  • Product safety - suitable storage technology.
  • Align Transport & Couriers to the Customer Requirements at better costs.
  • Use right technologies complimentary & suited to the main system.
  • Implement Radio Frequency solutions for accuracy & real-time tracking of inventory.


Customer Service Management

  • Understand customer needs.
  • Involve Customers to define Service Levels.
  • Match the organisational capabilities with the Customer Needs.
  • Identify Gaps between Capabilities and Needs.
  • Develop a Strategy to close these Gaps.
  • Improve Inventory Management for better Line Fill Rate.
  • Reduce Lead-Times with your Suppliers & Customers.


We Assist In Improving

  • Forecasting
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory management
  • Order processing Shipping Accuracy
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Introduction of Key Performance Indicators
  • Warehouse Layouts
  • Material Handling
  • Safety
  • Transport Costs
  • Implementation of Radio Frequency technology
  • Project Management in Supply Chain
  • Picking Accuracy
  • Distribution Systems