SMART Technologies - IoT

We Understand Business


As part of our valued partner we endeavour to develop an advanced analytic driven intelligent solution, a Smart Platform designed to work seamlessly across all Free Style Technologies (FME, M2M Switch etc.) Our goal is to enable you to harness greater value from the existing data assets. Smart Platform allows Business to aggregate and analyse information to help them make smarter, faster decisions and proactively prevent bottle-necks and issues. It enables you to analyse both big and small Data in real time.

Smart Platform has flexibility to provide all three layers of Analytic, driven by the Partner objectives

  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics


With this Smart solution it will be able to expand analytic by developing a new method of Data driven decision making which can change how business’s operate.

Smart Platform utilises cutting-edge data mining and machine learning technologies to make advanced predictions, assisting in decision support, and aims to provide effective strategies to optimise your Business Operations in handling routine disruptions as well as unavoidable natural disasters. Based on partner requirements or abiding within Privacy laws it can include Social Network and Social Media as additional channels to be used for major incident communication to customers or end users. Smart Platform  promotes data driven intelligent resource management. (Water, Gas, Electricity etc.)

Predictive Analytics in Smart Platform allows the practice of extracting information from your existing data sets to establish patterns and create predictive models to foresee future outcomes and trends that can help you and your customers to navigate through challenges successfully. The Smart Platform technology of prescriptive analytics goes beyond descriptive and predictive models into the way of recommending multiple courses of action and the likely outcomes of each decision.