FACIAL Recognition

Facial recognition technology (FRT) compliments your existing CCTV system. It turns any standard CCTV monitoring system into an intelligent network equipped with one of World’s best Face Recognition, Detection and Tracking system.

Our Technology platform provides highly effective key controls to your Business for mitigating risks.It provides your Business with all three Preventive, Detective and Reactive controls contributing to a strong Compliance and Risk Management, which leads to lower operating costs. It provides safer environment for your customers, stronger Brand protection and promotion. It will help your Business to pro-actively manage the causes for Risk events and hence preventing or reducing or the severity of impacts of these events.

Our FRT system is built using state-of- the-art FRT biometric algorithms based on strong pattern recognition features and efficient hardware integration;

FRT systems provide robust real-time multi-frame video recognition on a variety of hardware platforms.

The Application Can Enable Your Current CCTV System With Below Features:

  • Cross camera tracking of individuals
  • Spotting faces in the crowd
  • Historical searching of surveillance footage to locate individuals of interest
  • Alerting on unauthorised access to sterile zones
  • Alerting on arrival of specific individuals
  • 1:1 matching for access control
  • Intelligent mug shot database
  • Matching event tickets to guests
  • Detecting individuals who appear in multiple scenes


Value Added Features As Below, Can Equip Your Marketing And Operations Team With Some Key Insights About Your Customers:

  • Gender Estimation
  • Age Estimation
  • Queue Management
  • People Counting
  • Face Counting