Inform, Entertain & Promote...a digital signage solution for dynamic content distribution. In a world cluttered with messages, how do you reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time? How do you stand out from the crowd? The answer is Digital Signage. A leading digital signage solution that lets you distribute dynamic video, images, text and more direct to flat panel display screens anywhere, anytime! From eye-catching advertisements and in-store promotions, to breaking news and announcements and up-to- the-minute timetables and schedules, the possibilities are endless!

And most importantly, it's a breeze to use...

Prepare The Content

Create content files with PowerPoint, HTML editors, flash programs, or simply take you existing videos, images, animations or presentations.

Create A Program

Using the intuitive 'drag & drop' function in the Centre System, create a 'program' (up to 100 files).Digital Signage supports file formats such as HTML, PowerPoint, Shockwave, Flash, .bmp, .jpg, .gif,png, MPEG, WMF (Windows Media Format), Video files, Real Media, Quick time and others...

Register A Schedule

Simply select the days, times & locations where you would like your information to be displayed (for up to 6 months in advance) and you're done. You can manage all of your screens remotely, from your desktop and edit schedules in real time if you need to send news flashes or update content.

Finally, Push Your Information To The World

Digital Signage works seamlessly with panel displays, whether they be plasma, LCD, DLP or projectors. You can distribute content anywhere in the world via a wide range of networks. Digital Signage can be used in a network where TCP/IP communication is available such as wire/wireless LAN or VPN environment. Or in a remote access service network environment using public line dialup. In addition, if you are unable to provide a communication environment, you can also run Digital Signage in an off-line environment using a USB memory stick.

So, how can Digital Signage work for you?

Retail Advertising

Replace tired, static advertising posters in shopping centers, retail stores or showrooms, pubs and clubs and you have an attention-grabbing audio-visual sales tool. Plus, you can update it instantly, save money on printing costs and display different information in different locations.

Informative Updates

Use Digital Signage to create an up-to- the-minute information service in hospitals, government departments, hotel lobbies, banks or conference centers.

Timetables, Navigation Display timetables in train stations, airports, schools or universities, or help people navigate museums, galleries and even amusement parks.

Plus, many other useful Application...with Digital Signage, the possibilities are endless...