DATA Science

Turn Data And Analytics Into Competitive Advantage To Achieve Excellence…

  • A passion for working with data to solve the challenging business problems, with a synergy between Statistics and Software.
  • An effective process for applying complex methods and tools on Big Data.
  • Transforming complex data into powerful insights.
  • A competitive advantage and accelerated growth through the power of information lying untapped in data.
  • Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Mobile Computing & Micro Finance
  • Data Base Management & Optimisation


Gentac is a Sydney based Data Science and Technology consulting start-up with a passion for Analytics to harness its power to maximise the real benefits for our clients.

We are a group of accomplished analytical thinkers with diverse backgrounds in Data Science,Software Engineering, Commercial and Marketing Analytics. Our consultants have strong industry experience and have been adding value to the top notch organizations in APAC & other parts of the world.


Our start-up attitude brings in agility and speed of execution to whatever we take on. Whether it is helping our clients incubate their analytics practise, bring down costs, or partner in their analytics journey.

One-Size Doesn’t Fit All

From start-ups just finding their feet, to established companies with decades of brand history, we shape our team and process around each client. Each assignment is unique, and should be measured against an individual set of objectives.

Walking In Your Shoes

With the aim to building long term relationships, we start all our projects with a conversation.Understanding your brand and requirements in a data driven environment is key to us moving forward together. We help you embrace this ever-changing analytics landscape and make the process of data science fun and rewarding.

Leave No Stone Unturned

Big decisions should not be made just on a hunch without analysing requirements in detail and building a solid step-by-step plan of moving forward. This is our first step. Our expertise in analytics and data science comes into play in creating commercially viable solutions that target your strategic intent and creates actionable insights for well informed decision-making.

Bean Counting

We share our ideas and thoughts with you to make sure you are an integral part of this loop. This discussion is open and honest, expect to be challenged and we hone-in to create solutions that are dynamic and bespoke to your unique requirements.

Walk The Talk

We assemble our teams on a project by project basis, making sure you receive a tailored skill-set to service your project. Using a structured process we create timeframes arround a solution delivery that is open and transparent allowing you to be confident in the process and in our ability to meet your requirements.

Our goal is to create a niche, actionable analytics solutions that provide lasting and meaningful competitive advantage for our client’s brand and their audience through smart thinking and actionable insights. We call it “Quantified Delivery”.

We, at Gentac, help you quickly evaluate your data and analytics needs. We bring in rich professional experience of jump-starting analytics practices for organizations of all sizes. Our base in Australia is unbeatable in terms of business value, cost competitiveness, data privacy and time to market.

As part of valued channel partner, we endeavor to develop advanced analytic driven intelligent solution, which will delivered a Smart Platform designed to work seamlessly across all Free Style Technologies (FME, M2M Switch etc.) Our goal is to enable our Partners to harness greater value from the data assets. Smart Platform allows Business to aggregate and analyse Big and Small Data in real time to help them make smarter decisions quickly and proactively to potential bottle-necks or prevent problems.

Smart Platform has flexibility to provide all three layers of Analytics, driven by the your objectives

  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics

Smart Platform is able to expand analytics by developing a new method of Data driven decision making that can change how business operates.

Smart Platform utilises cutting-edge data mining and machine learning technologies to make advanced predictions, assisting in decision support, and aims to provide effective strategies to optimise your Business Operations in handling routine disruptions as well as unavoidable natural disasters. Based on partner requirements or abiding within Privacy laws it can include Social Network and Social Media as additional channels to be used for major incident communication to customers or end users. Smart Platform promotes data driven intelligent resource management. (Water, Gas, Electricity etc.)

Predictive Analytics in Smart Platform allows the practice of extracting information from your existing data sets to establish patterns and create predictive models to foresee future outcomes and trends that help you and your customers to navigate through challenges successfully. The Smart Platform technology of prescriptive analytics goes beyond descriptive and predictive models into the way of recommending multiple courses of action and the likely outcome of each decision.